Hunting Club (The Plaid Album)

by Hunting Club

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First full-length album from Minneapolis based Hunting Club.

"On their first full length album, Minneapolis’ own Hunting Club have exceeded all expectations by crafting an album worthy of praise and attention outside of the local scene...

Hunting Club sound fully confident in what they’re doing, and their music wholeheartedly reflects that power. If you’re looking for an album to enjoy both for its no-frills approach and subtle beauty, Hunting Club’s The Plaid Album will no doubt be one of your favorite albums this summer."

- Erik Burg (Beach on the Moon)


released June 1, 2010

All songs written and performed by Hunting Club.

Hunting Club is Bob DuBois, Nate Dykstra, Eric Pasi, Kyle Steen, Justin Steen.

Special thanks to Jeff Halland, Rob Schlette, Sarah Greshowak, Chris McPhee, Ryan Taylor, Josh Thacker, Micah Thompson and all of our family and friends.

Recorded and mixed in late 2009 and early 2010 by Jeff Halland at Vaudeville in St. Paul, MN

Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering in St. Paul, MN

Album cover by Sarah Greshowak

Design and layout by Chris McPhee

Photos by Ryan Taylor and Josh Thacker

Logo by Micah Thompson



all rights reserved


Hunting Club Minneapolis

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Track Name: How'd It Get Burned
Track Name: The Coast
Spend our love too much too fast
Party's over now we're stretching to make it last
Started forcing our hands
Holding out we could give it another chance

We were careless in letting it go
Since you left we got nothing to show for

Had the coast on your mind
Since a friend said that changing could make you right
Trade the lake with the dull
For the shine of a tide and annoying crowd

We were careless in letting it go
But admit we got one foot outside the door
Splitting hairs when we made up in June
Liked it hot more than lettin it come in bloom
Track Name: Real Chance
She was my love of a lifetime, then we changed clothes
Oh no I had it coming
Our cold bridge came crumblin' down, drifted apart
Oh no I had it coming

I found faith in human nature, she was confirmed
Oh no I had it coming
It wasnt master plan, it wasn't what does it mean
Oh no I had it coming

I I I fell fell off off
Oh no oh no tell me what does it mean?
Oh yeah I had it coming
You were my fortune machine
Track Name: Raising Arizona
Days and nights I've been trailin you
Days and nights till my face turns blue
Shadows are long and my heart is too
Days and nights I’ve been trailin you

I loved you before and I love you again
I loved you before now lets make it a trend

Finger on the trigger and I feel your pulse
I got your blood on my hands i feel no remorse
Track Name: Gold Wheat
Put your makeup on you're my trophy catch
I wanna hang you up from my weighty wall
and in my basement girl, you would not forget
I couldn't throw you back

We were dumb as rocks, with our silver smiles
and always bored to death in our lonely lives n
She was really smart so i jumped over
Couldn't hold it back

Keep you on the hook and collect dust
It's right where we belong
and in my basement corner I fought for you
Couldn’t hold it back
Track Name: How'd It Get Burned Again
Track Name: Black Snowflake
Throw your pet in a bag, and take it
Take it with you on your short trip, makes no sense
Neither do you

Ooh Ooh Ooh was it all bad taste? Black Snowflake?
Kiss you all the time
Throw your pet in a bag, and take it
Take it with you on your short trip, makes no sense
Neither do you

Caught you in the flower shop, oooh
Said you would be wild and free; you’re not
Achin’ to cut the flaws, oooh
That’s what made you sweet
Track Name: Alamo
In my open sky
She is the sun and i am her night
I'll be there to follow her around
Wrapped between her little fingers

Anything she wants she has
At the center of my universe
I'll be there to follow her around
Some day with luck i'll finally hold her

Waiting for her warm embrace
I'll be waiting for her warm embrace
Track Name: Saucy Banana
When we met it was a golden age,
Now you’re so hedge fund; shaky and afraid
Holdin on to the glory days,
You were our last lover

This feels like home, on top of your list and alone
This feels like home, baby I’m on top of your world

We’re a pretty big deal for you,
Only one last song left to black us out
Getting off on the newest things,
You were our last lover

And don’t you know, that we know it all?
And don’t you know, that we know it all?
Track Name: Sweet Soprano
Wrestle the waves keep us afloat
Blood in our nails from earning our salt, soprano, soprano
Callin to me from the isle of streams,
Comin to me in a war-weary dream, soprano, soprano

When i reached her diamond shores
I can't leave ya, i cant leave ya,
Probly won't make it home again
I can't leave ya, i cant leave ya,
Can't you see i got a job to do
I can't leave ya, i cant leave ya,
Doin whatever that you want me to
I can't leave ya, i can't leave ya,

Wanderin round my head in the clouds
Wanderin round can not think straight soprano, soprano
Melt in the ether right to the core
Eating the lotos wanted it more, soprano. soprano
Track Name: Cactai
Please don’t, flake out I notice when you try too hard
Come and release me, go and don’t ever leave

You and I look good together,
Put rain into your lonely weather

In and out too hard, indeed not too strong

Take it at face value oh,
It seems no one could ever pay your rent
We over stayed your love

Our minds will always be unsure
but that oldtime love is worth sinking in
when we feel alright
I'll be yours you'll be mine
I'll be yours you'll be mine